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I wanted to just go back to bed

So, I stopped journaling when I lost my last office job and went un/self-employed and didn't sit under a fluorescent light anymore.

Then I started when I went back to the cube. But then I stopped again, when they started monitoring all of our web activity.

Maybe I'll start again.

Before I left the house, I just knew it would be a bad day. My wireless router started giving me a hard time for no apparent reason while I was trying to shoot off an email to my Mom. I was running late by the time I got the stupid Internet up and running again enough to see that traffic to work was worse than usual. Almost got killed on my way to the office on 275. Then my computer at work was acting up again, randomly, so it took me 15 minutes just to log in. Had a meeting at 10, so I went downstairs to clear my head, start new, maybe get something to eat. Upon going back to the office, my access badge spontaneously wouldn't let me back into the office. Get to my desk, and there's an IM from my boss to see her in one of the meeting rooms; strange, since she's supposed to be in Sarasota today. I didn't even know she was in the office.

Diligently walk into the meeting room with my notepad to see my boss.

And the HR guy. And the HR VP. They drove up from Sarasota to fire me.

Why? Outstanding performance apparently.

Despite glowing reviews and repeated outstanding performance, and the impending audit I was going to work on, and the new department my soon-to-be overworked old department was going to turn into to oversee the processes for the whole company, and given the crappy industry my company is currently in and some glaringly bad investment decisions, money's tight. So they terminated my position and me with it.

The HR people were all actually very considerate about it.  Even more so than usual.  The HR VP wanted to let me know that since I have a bit of PTO outstanding, from a payroll perspective, my unemployment will start on Dec. 17.  I didn't ask if that's their idea of a birthday gift.

Um, yeah.

My boss found out at the last minute. She is not pleased, to say the least.  Suffice to say, I didn't see it coming.

Update: just got a phone call. Evidently the scythe is swinging fast and wide: people are dropping like it's The Stand. I thought about asking if I was the only one during my meeting, but quickly realized it was moot.  And it is.  Other people getting cut at the same time doesn't make me feel any better.  It doesn't even make me feel more justified.

So there it is. At least I don't have to be amongst the lucky few who get to stay there and endure what will now be a year of impending firings and all the lovely paranoia and morale degradation that goes along with it.  I'm just glad I was able to get home without some other dread happening.

Okay, my unemployed ass is going to watch a movie or something.

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