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the latest

assorted updates, rants, and other babbling miscellany

17 December

Actor, writer, prophet, redeemer and sage. spprs was discovered as a baby, floating in a wicker basket down the Everglades' river of grass. A family of blue tongue mango voles raised him and turned him over to a pack of Irish monks, who educated him in the arts of humor, politics and beer. When not working on the Great American Play, spprs is probably doing one of several things:

  • acting/writing/promoting/etc. for Jobsite

  • ranting about a variety of things, mostly politics

  • writing letters to the San Francisco 49ers general management telling them to get their shit together

  • lurking on a weekly basis on livejournal (though you can relax - he's skimming right past your personal drama)

  • contemplating the decay of his life under fluorescent lights

  • wondering when his next chance will be to fly his kite

This livejournal for spprs is currently on a no-add policy. It's not that he doesn't care (well, yeah, actually that's probably it exactly, but that's a moot point.) He just can't be bothered to scan any more journals in his f-list.

The rest of this info page is currently under construction.